Welcome to Do3

An online community that educates, inspires and connects those who love to swim, bike or run.


Imagine a world where all your friends are in one place. A community sharing a similar interest, supporting one another, learning, being inspired. A place where you can find all the information you need about how to improve as an athlete, professional courses, demonstrations, interviews and much more. All this in a private world away from the information sucking social media giants and a place where you choose how much, how little, when and where you get involved. 
Guess what? You just found it!

Who is this for?

Regardless of you ability, if you are into swimming, cycling, running, triathlon or anything related to these sports then we're sure you'll find something you'll like!

Why join and what's included?

Your friends are here. Become better (and have fun doing it!). Oh, and it also includes all this:
  • Connect with local people and groups to interact with and gain support.
  • Connect with coaches and other experts to get help and advice.
  • Find events, details and see who's going.
  • Join specific groups that you are interested in.
  • Community discounts and offers from well-known brands.
  • Learn and improve yourself using the courses that have been produced by qualified and experienced coaches. 
  • Follow the topics that you are interested in.
  • Connect with other members of the community based on their profession. Maybe you want to chat to others in the same career as you or maybe you just need a local builder! 
  • Get involved in group training sessions, rides, swims and more...
  • Available on desktop or via your smart-phone. 
  • Organise your community set-up the way you want it. Only see the things you want to!
The list is endless. Just jump in and see for yourself.

Why is this better than existing social media groups?

 Lots of reasons! Including....
  • Its a safe, active and engaged community free from spam and trolls.
  • Actively moderated to ensure and promote quality and courtesy.
  • Break away from the distractions and wasting time looking at random pop-up clips and other stuff that drops into your social feed. 
  • It is professionally run by actual human beings who can be contacted if issues arise.
  • You will only see relevant and related content.
  • You can opt in and out of all elements of the community so you can choose what notifications you get and when. You can even choose to simply get a single daily update on things you've missed.
  • No secretive data-gathering goes on here.

Sounds great! What's the catch?

Its not a free ride I'm afraid. Ok, so lets try to keep this simple. Keeping all of the above running and creating all this stuff takes work. We haven't decided on the longer term fee structure just yet and we obviously want to keep the costs down for you. This is new and early days for us and for the community so we are asking for just £1.99 per month. We need to charge something to keep the wheels turning but more importantly, to act as a gateway. Only genuine want-to-be community members will be willing to pay. We hope you understand. Having said that, if you use some of the discounts on offer, you most likely cover your fees plus more!
As the community grows and things progress, we will inform you of any impending price changes. There are no contracts and you are free to come and go as you please.

Welcome to the Do3 community. We'll see you inside!

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